Crafty Indian Teenager Develops Construction Crane Out of Junk – Video

New Delhi (Sputnik): Coming across the video of a poverty-stricken prodigy, who built a functioning toy crane from scratch with little money, several people have extended their support to the creative kid by sponsoring his schooling and other expenditures.

An Indian teenager has developed a functioning earth excavator, using a soda can, a syringe, cardboard, plastic and some other junk material.

According to the post, which includes a now-viral video clip, the 14-year-old Arjun is the son of a housemaid. He built the crane with a basic understanding of hydraulics and at a cost of INR 500 ($6).

The teenager is not only winning praise for his creativity, he is also being offered financial help by some people after the video showcasing his innovative young mind went viral. A Twitter user said he would be delighted to cover the rest of Arjun’s schooling expenses.

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