Hysterical Memes, Meltdown on Twitter as TikTok, Other Chinese Apps Banned in India

New Delhi (Sputnik): Despite TikTok’s millions of subscribers and broad popularity in India, the video-making app landed in hot water over the suicide of several users and clips allegedly promoting sexual violence. The resentment flared up with the death of 20 Indian soldiers in clashes with Chinese troops.

A recent Indian government order announcing a ban on 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok, has led to a storm of reactions from both users and non-users in the country, who flooded Twitter with their responses to the decision.

Twitter has exploded with memes and jokes poking fun at TikTok’s fan base. However, the subscribers largely remained silent over the issue, with some showing support for the decision due to the growing anti-China sentiment in the country following a violent stand-off in Ladakh earlier this month which left 20 Indian soldiers dead.