UK to Add France to Its Coronavirus Quarantine List Citing Overwhelming Surge in Infections

The measure is to take effect early on Saturday, potentially causing crowds at French rail stations and airports on Friday night, as thousands are expected to rush back home in a bid to escape being put under quarantine.

Britons returning from France, Malta, and the Netherlands are now required to self-isolate for two weeks, as the countries have been added to the UK’s quarantine list which already includes such holiday destinations as Monaco, Turks & Caicos, and Aruba.

The measure announced by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps will come into force on Saturday morning, at 4 a.m., with the minister stressing that it was necessary to keep coronavirus infections down, as France in particular reported a 66% increase in the number of positive coronavirus tests in past few days (for the Netherlands, it was up 52%. And the increase for Malta was 105%, while it was 273% for Turks and Caicos and 1,106% for Aruba.)

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