Nearly Half of US Voters Fear Difficulty Casting Ballot in November Election, New Poll Shows

US President Donald Trump has been voicing his strong opposition against voting by mail for several months, claiming that the practice could lead to fraud.

Some 49% of American voters believe they will experience difficulties casting their ballots during the November presidential vote, a new survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre has found.

According to the poll, the results show a stark difference compared to a similar survey carried out ahead of the midterm elections in 2018, where some 85% of respondents said they would not have any trouble voting.

The poll also found that Trump supporters are more likely to say it will be easy to vote in November than those backing Biden. Furthermore, 80% of Trump voters prefer to cast their ballot in person, whereas 58% of Biden supporters say they would opt for mail-in voting.

Additionally, the poll found that the top reason for why voters are ready to support Trump is his leadership qualities and politics. In contrast, the main reason why people choose to support Biden is because «he is not Trump», the poll shows.

Overall, the survey found that Biden is leading with 53% against Trump with 45% in terms of support. However, 66% of Trump supporters say they strongly back him, whereas only 46% of Biden’s voters show strong support for him.

The United States will hold its 59th presidential election on 3 November, with Donald Trump and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden vying for the post. The vote comes amid the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which has infected over five million people in the country and left over 160,000 dead, making the US the worst-affected nation both in terms of cases and fatalities.

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