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Erdogan Threatens to Sever Diplomatic Ties With UAE, Close Abu Dhabi Embassy Over Deal with Israel

The landmark trilateral deal paving the way for a normalisation of ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was announced by US President Donald Trump. The accord commits Israel to forego its plans to extend sovereignty over parts of the West Bank.

Turkey is looking at suspending its diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates, close the Turkish Embassy in the capital Abu Dhabi, and recall its ambassador over the deal that the UAE made with Israel, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

«We can recall our ambassador from Abu Dhabi if need arises, since we support the Palestinian Authority and will not give its rights away», Erdogan told reporters.

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump announced that Israel and the United Arab Emirates had concluded a peace deal to fully normalise relations and establish diplomatic ties. The conclusion of the accord came after Israel suspended earlier plans to extend its sovereignty over parts of the West Bank, which led to the establishment of ties with the UAE.

The Gulf monarchy is the third Arab nation to have established ties with Israel, the other two being Egypt and Jordan. The US president voiced hope that more Arab and Muslim states will agree to normalise relations with Israel.

Turkey’s Reaction

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has strongly opposed the Israeli-Emirati peace accord. The ministry said that the UAE had no right to strike the deal and its act of «betrayal» of the Palestinian cause will never be forgiven.

Turkey also pledged to back the Palestinian Authority, which previously condemned the agreement.

The PA Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that it was recalling its top diplomat in Abu Dhabi in protest over the UAE’s decision to normalise diplomatic ties with Israel.

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