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Azerbaijani Military Publishes Video of ‘Destruction of Armenian S-300’

Skirmishes between the two countries continue in the Nagorno-Karabakh region despite the sides signing a ceasefire agreement on 9 October after 11-hour talks in Moscow.

The Azerbaijan Defence Ministry has released a video allegedly showing the destruction of Armenian S-300 air defence systems. The footage, shot from on high or from the air, shows objects similar to the deployed missile systems seconds before a large explosion engulfs the entire area.

The ministry did not provide any specifics about the clip, such as when the video was made, or where the S-300 systems were allegedly deployed. It is also not entirely clear what weapon the Azerbaijani forces used to purportedly decimate the S-300s.

Baku’s release of the video comes as the sides to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict continue to exchange strikes despite reaching a ceasefire agreement on 9 October following 11-hour negotiations in Moscow. The ceasefire started on 10 October 12:00 local time, but hours after it came into effect the sides already began reporting the first violations.

The ongoing skirmishes in Nagorno-Karabakh started on 27 September after four years without major incidents along the line of contact and decades of upholding the 1994 ceasefire agreement. The latter was signed after the two nations waged a full-scale war that resulted in thousands of casualties on both sides and the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic breaking away from Azerbaijan. Yerevan never recognised the breakaway republic, while Baku considers it «occupied» territory.

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