Oracle CEO Donated Quarter of a Million Dollars to Sen Graham’s Super PAC 3 Days Before TikTok Deal

TikTok discarded the offer of another American tech giant, Microsoft, before reaching an agreement with Oracle, which is expected to protect the Chinese video platform from being banned on the territory of the US over accusations of being a threat to national security.

CEO of the tech giant Oracle, Larry Ellison, donated a hefty sum of $250,000 to the «Security is Strength» Super PAC, which only supports Senator Lindsey Graham’s re-election bid, three days before TikTok announced that it would strike a deal with Oracle to avoid being banned in the US.

Graham, who is currently trailing slightly in the polls behind his Democratic opponent, Jaime Harrison, previously claimed that he would be the one responsible for saving TikTok from being pushed out of the US should a deal be reached. He namely shared that he tried to personally convince Trump to let TikTok «thrive» under the control of an American company. It is, however, not entirely clear if his involvement affected the deal between the video platform and the tech giant.

«If TikTok is saved, you can thank me», Graham boasted.

According to the Federal Election Commission’s data, first unearthed by the Verge, Ellison made his generous donation on 14 September, while the deal between the Oracle and TikTok’s owner, Chinese company ByteDance, was announced on 17 September.

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